Before It’s Too Late

The flowers will still bloom,
the waves will finally kiss its shoreline,
the sun will still rise,
and the moon will still shine,

Basically, life will still go on.

There is no pause button,
neither do a rewind button to playback your old favorite memories,
not even a forward button to sneak what’s ahead of you either,
what you have is just the present moment,
that you need to embrace wholly.

There are times when you spend most of your times wondering,
through charades of old memories,
what would it be? what if…

There are also unspoken truths,
that we keep on questioning without even asking for a vivid clarity,
to the person whom you long lost, nowhere.

Will you keep yourself to the never-ending wonder?
Will you keep questioning and making your own assumptions?
There is no such thing as clarity if you don’t even utter clearly what’s the void that’s missing.

Will you?

Ah, they said the time is now,
before it’s too late.

I write to express, not to impress.