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The flowers will still bloom,
the waves will finally kiss its shoreline,
the sun will still rise,
and the moon will still shine,

Basically, life will still go on.

There is no pause button,
neither do a rewind button to playback your old favorite memories,
not even a forward button to…

“there are a lot of little things that you can actually be grateful for, just look around!”

Big accomplishment unlocked!

I feel so ecstatic to finally be able to commit for a 30 days gratitude journal challenge. I am not a type of person who is easy to commit to…

looking here and there,

seeing things vividly,
how I wish.

no clear sights,
not even a glance of glitters shimmering,

its’s all blurry.

all feels so strange,
not even sure where or what time is it,

it’s all blurry.

perhaps there will be clarity,
hopefully soon.

“Yang dicari hilang.. yang dikejar lari..”

“Biarkanlah semesta berkerja untukmu”

Lagu ini indah sekali. Benar-benar menuturkan dengan gamblang perasaan yang kerap kita rasakan namun tak dapat diutarakan. Setidaknya itu yang aku rasakan.

Album ‘Mantra Mantra’ — Kunto Aji rilis pada September 2018. Namun, seperti biasa aku selalu terlambat untuk ikutan…

It’s the 6th month of this year already. Time flies too fast, we are almost halfway there for this year. A lot of things happened, it feels like it’s just in a blink of eyes. Nonetheless, I am grateful for what I have right now. Deeply thankful for everything.


Ketupat. Opor. Rendang.

sudah terhidang!

Bersyukur sekali rasanya bisa merayakan lebaran tahun ini bersama keluarga meskipun masih berada di susana pandemi yang tidak kunjung usai. …

“Happiness is only real when shared.” — Christopher McCandless

If I was asked to describe today in one word, I’d exclaim the word happiness to really describe it — without any doubt.

I always love social activities but it’s been years that I didn’t join any social activities, I mean…

Hey, it’s been awhile! It took me almost 2 months since I posted a quick update on here. But, here I am now, not quite an important writing but it’s just the way I want to express myself.

Today marks the day that I finally braved myself to meet my…

It’s a new year already but I have not even posted anything here!

Actually, there are a few unfinished writings which are just stuck on my drafts. It’s either I think it’s trashy writings so I did not continue it or I think it’s not good enough to be published…

“Hold your own.. know your name.. and go your own way.. and everything will be fine..”

About a week ago, my friend asked me to do the ‘song review’ challenge. Of course, again, it will not be the professional review because I will be reviewing it based on how I…


I write to express, not to impress.

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